Family Watches Unborn Baby’s Ultrasound, But Mom’s Stunned When She Catches Her Playing Peekaboo

by Jess Butler
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Besides the actual pregnancy announcement, the ultrasound might be the most exciting reveal when it comes to having a baby.

Technology has come a long way to give future parents the best possible sneak peek at their little, growing bundles of joy.

These days, many people opt for a super-detailed 4D scan of their unborn babies. In fact, that’s what this family chose when they received a surprise.

Cheryl and Johnny Dearie were so excited to see how their little girl was doing. The couple was surrounded by family, including their eldest of two sons, Liam. They all gathered into the room to get an up-close and personal look at the future Dearie, not expecting what was to come.

As the scan progressed, it seemed as if the unborn baby girl was in a playful mood. She was waving and moved her hands about in a peekaboo motion. The entire family roared in response to the unbelievable sight.

“First she was making fists as if she was boxing, then playing peek-a-boo and then the waving,” Cheryl told Daily Mail. “It’s just something I can cherish forever and when my little girl is older we can watch it back and say ‘this is you.'”

Check out the video below to see the baby girl’s peekaboo moment with your own eyes!

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